Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Barclay Center, Brooklyn (NY) – 2013

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  1. Christopher K says:

    Hello Mr Leunig,

    I try to get an artist print to the shows that I go to and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show being one of them. I was reading that you have a B/W version that is only offered to people intending to color with kids for “coloring nook “.

    I unfortunately don’t have kids, I don’t resell, I collect.

    I would LOVE one of these posters though. It’s a totally bitchen idea that no one has done from what I have seen with tour posters.

    If you can cool, if not that’s ok. I’ll buy the AP.

    Great poster. Love the colors. Great show too.

    Thanks for your time!


  2. admin says:

    Hey Chris,..

    I don’t sell the B&W prints individually and usually include them if someone buys the original AP print. I printed a number of the BW’s so I can throw one in for you… just please dont resell. Trying to keep this thing pure.


  3. Jocelyn Simone says:

    Hi there. I bought one of these at the show and left it with will call and the worker after the show said she didn’t have it after I asked her to hold it so I don’t ruin it at the show. Could I get a black and white as well? Thanks

  4. Freddy says:

    Hay would love a b and w print for the boys to would be so dope especially since they saw them at firefly last year…if you can hook it up awesome. Peace…merry Xmas

  5. richard harris says:

    Hi Matt, Greetings from Newcastle, England. My son has become a big fan of YYYs & I’d love to buy a signed print of your Brooklyn poster – its delicious! I can see that i can buy the poster, but not clear if any signed ones available. Please can I purchase one ? Cheers, Richard

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