Widespread Panic @ Fox Theater, Oakland – 2014

The Fox Theater – Oakland, CA
March 28-29, 2014
5-color screenprint, 18′ x 24′
30 AP’s available… Signed / AP

Currently Sold Out!!!

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10 Responses to “Widespread Panic @ Fox Theater, Oakland – 2014”

  1. Justin Daniel says:


    I made two orders. On the first order I got two of the foxy lady prints and on the second I got one. Will I be able to receive all three? I was ordering for some friends that are currently at work and unable to order.

    Justin Daniel

  2. Jamie Gaines says:

    Damn that was fast, oh well if any more turn up shoot me a message, thanks

  3. admin says:

    Will do…

  4. Jody Shaul says:

    Yea Matt! Hit me up too with one of those you’ve got stashed!!! ;) BTW, got one of the Masters of the Universe prints last month…BOMB.


  5. Dana Marver says:

    I am always at a disadvantage because I am a musician and keep strange hours. I then miss the poster drops and I know artists must take into account the East Coast ect, but how about musicians. I am not saying this about you, but musicians who play major rock stages and then work at churches are really out of luck on Sunday poster drops. Highly unfair.

    If a Poster does become available, I would be honored and would pay thru PayPal at once. Continued Success & Love Your Show

  6. Annon says:

    So how did 400 of these show editions disappear? As fans of the art and the band dont we deserve to know what happened to them? Will there be variants so we have a chance to own this poster that never showed up at the show. A little irritated that 400 prints just went MIA.

  7. admin says:

    As the artist, after I deliver prints to the band & or promoter it is no longer my responsibility to keep track of what happens to all the prints. As stated on this website and a number of places these prints were commissioned by the venue/promoter and were handed out to VIP ticket holders,.. given to the band… and to employees of the venue/promotional company. Since it was a “promoter” print, printing options like amount of AP’s & variants were limited. So no variants…

    Just because people who received the prints aren’t throwing them up on eBay doesn’t mean the prints are MIA.

  8. Annon says:

    Unfortunately its not true that they went to VIP ticket holders as I know several people that were VIP and they never saw these posters, hence the MIA comment. But funny you mention ebay because if 400 prints were in fact handed out there were certainly be more then 1 on ebay.

  9. admin says:

    I was at the show and know that some VIP holders got the poster. Did All.. not my place to know individual circumstances. Sorry they are hard to find but this is not a conspiracy.


  10. Jody Shaul says:

    Dude, total conspiracy!!!! LOL. Really people? Get off Matt’s nuts. I’ve got an inside source that tells me there are 391 of these prints being held at the national archive under lock and key. The others, well I know of at least 4 that were secretly shipped to Fort Knox right after the show by helicopter under heavy security. Im assuming the band got the other 5. Maybe next time.

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